The goods will be inspected by our high-trained QC regardless to the quantity before shipment.
Any problems during the inspection will be informed by us.
Inspection by your side or the third party will be highly welcomed if possible and necessary

All Padova instruments are guaranteed to carry on our professional inspection before shipment; all products are warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of six months  from the date of delivery. Defects will be replaced, at the discretion of Padova Musical Instruments, free of charge within the warranty period.

Standard wear and tear on serviceable parts (electronic controls, jacks, switches, tuning machines, saddles, plated surfaces, worn frets, scratches in pick guard or plastic pieces, and normal paint wear), damage caused by neglect, misuse, user modification, exposure to extreme temperature and humidity, incidental and consequential damages are excluded.

Our finishes are guaranteed to be applied properly, using the very finest protective materials and techniques. Discoloration or peeling caused by damage, perspiration, corrosive atmosphere and other external sources are not covered under this warranty.

Defects caused by soldering acid bleeds or failure of the finish to adhere to the instrument surface are covered during the warranty period.


Padova® is a brand found by China Options Co. Ltd in 2012, aiming at supplying whole line musical instruments to the world.

With more than 1000 choices of all type of instruments, including Guitars , Stringed Instruments, Wind Instruments, Drums & Percussions, Kid’s & Student’s Instruments Packages, Accessories for different levels of player, beginner, students and children.

Padova is seeking for worldwide distribution to delivery our instruments and music and passion to the world.
Padova ‘s dealers learn that they make more profit by selling Padova, it’s easy to demonstrate the benefits of using Padova and easy Set-up with Fast returns.
Being our dealer, you will invest less and you will get more!


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